What’s The Wave Start?

It’s pretty simple actually. Instead of everyone taking off at once, we divide everyone into 26 waves. They’re organized by people’s expected pace so that everyone can run with people their own speed. Waves start with the fastest runners, then go to slower runners, then joggers, then walkers.

How do I enter a qualified wave if I want to?

1. Use your time from any timed race distance between two miles and a marathon within 12 months of the FORTitude 10K. We’ll place you in the fastest wave possible. Find timed results here.

2. Use your BOLDERBoulder time from this year’s or last year’s race. Anyone who finished the BolderBOULDER faster than 62 minutes automatically gets in a qualified wave. Find results here.

3. Use your ColderBOLDER time from last year’s race. Anyone who finished the ColderBOLDER 5K faster than 32:38 automatically gets in a qualified wave. Find results here.

Do all waves require qualifying? No!

The FORTitude 10K is open to everyone. We want you to run, jog, or walk at your speed. Only the first 6-8 waves require a qualification time — these are designed and reserved for runners who will finish faster than 68 minutes. Use your BolderBOULDER time, your ColderBOLDER time, or provide any other race results within 12 months of the FORTitude 10K, and we’ll place you in the fastest wave possible. It’s important to register according to your anticipated pace. All other waves are open to everyone on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I pick which wave to be in?

When you register, you just pick which type of wave you think you belong, qualify, run, jog, or walk. We’ll automatically put you in a the wave that is right for you.

Can I start with friends or family? Yes!

To be in the same start wave as someone else, register everyone online or in person at the same time. In the appropriate field, enter their name. Qualifying rules still apply, and everyone in your group will be placed based upon the slowest person’s wave time.

Can I change waves once I register? Yes.

If you want to change waves or run in a qualified wave, we can make that happen, assuming there are still bibs available in the wave you want. For $10, bib changes can be done at the solutions tent on race day or through our race office. To request a bib change, please email us. Keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to move up to a faster wave on race day.

Can I submit my race to be a qualifier? Yes!

Any timed road race over 2 miles that posts results online can apply to be a FORTitude qualifier race.

As a qualifier race, you agree to promote your event as a qualifier for the FORTitude in at least two social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All qualifier races will be promoted on FORTitude social pages two weeks before your event.

Submit your race here and we will contact you if your race has been selected. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

FORTitude Qualifying Times

You can check out the FORTitude qualifying times here.

2019 Unofficial Start Times


A Qualified 8:00:00
AA Qualified 8:00:40
AB Qualified 8:01:30
B Qualified 8:02:30
BA Qualified 8:03:40
BB Qualified 8:04:40
C Qualified 8:05:50
CA Qualified 8:06:50
CB Qualified 8:08:10
D Qualified 8:10:00
E Run 8:11:10
EA Run 8:12:30
F Run 8:14:00
FA Run 8:15:40
G Jog 8:17:40
M Jog 8:19:00
N Jog 8:20:30
P Jog 8:22:30
IHRT Jog 8:25:30
CSU Jog 8:25:30
W Jog 8:27:20



Photo by John Wark