Training for the FORTitude


1. Get Out Hard – Go out a little faster than you normally would since there are fewer obstacles on the flat course to slow you down.

2. Attack the Turns – There are quite a few turns in the Fortitude. Pretend the turns are like downhills and take them hard. Gain some momentum as you come out of the turn so you stay fast.

3. Pick Up the Pace – Pick up the pace at designated spots in the race, such as the mile marks or halfway point. If you don’t focus on picking up the pace, you’ll actually slow down without even realizing it.

4. Train On Flat Terrain – Whether it’s an actual 5K/8K event or a simulated race as part of your training program, run them on a flat course so it best transfers over to the Fortitude.

We’re here to help! Get ready for your first 10K with our beginners training plan. This schedule is only a guide, so feel free to make modifications to suit your schedule and comfort level.

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