BOULDER, CO – (March 20, 2020 BOLDERBoulder and FORTitude Race Director Cliff Bosley said, with the state and region facing the challenges of the pandemic that the 2020 BOLDERBoulder will not occur on Memorial Day, but is now scheduled to be staged on Labor Day.  

FORTitude will join the BOLDERBoulder on the BOLDERBoulder Course with its 42nd finish at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field, in Boulder, Colorado. 

The FORTitude 10k will return to its normal format and venue in Fort Collins in 2021. 

 “There continues to be increasing and substantial challenges for our communities including Boulder and Fort Collins, as well as for CSU and CU. Two great communities and two great universities are coming together, reflecting the spirit that is our culture in Colorado,” Bosley said.  

 “Whether you’re running the BOLDERBoulder on Labor Day or running the FORTitude on Labor Day, we’re running together. Everyone we met with to arrive at this decision recognizes that while Boulder and Fort Collins, as well as CU and CSU, compete in many areas, this is another example of coming together to collaborate.” 

Bosley said meetings with city and university leadership in both communities resulted in great support and enthusiasm for the plan.  

Phil DiStefano, Chancellor of the University of Colorado Boulder added, “I am pleased that CU Boulder is able to collaborate with the Bolder Boulder and Colorado State University to host these two great races and continue this iconic experience.” 

“The communities of Fort Collins and Boulder as well as two great institutions Colorado State and the University of Colorado continue to lead the way in addressing challenges with beneficial solutions,” said Fort Collins City Manager Darin Atteberry. “This is no different.  We face today uncertain challenges, but by including FORTitude and BolderBoulder together in 2020 we’re able to address the needs of the runners, the communities and the university and provide an exciting event.” 

Boulder City Manager Jane Brautigam stated “the Bolder Boulder and FORTitude are iconic events that symbolize the healthy lifestyles and spirit of our two communities and institutions of higher education.  This is an opportunity to bring all of the athletes and community members from Boulder and Fort Collins together in difficult times and to celebrate our common commitment to transcend the challenges we face.  Many thanks to the race organizers for this thoughtful and exciting collaboration.” 

Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell voiced similar support for the plan. “Within the uncertain times we’re currently facing, this is refreshing and reflects collaboration between the communities and the institutions along with the race organizers.  Fort Collins and Boulder come to the forefront in collaborating on many issues for the good of the region and state.  This is but another example,” Troxell said. 

The combined 10K race is just two days following the University of Colorado’s football game with Colorado State at Canvas Stadium in Fort Collins, the first meeting of CSU and CU in Fort Collins since 1996.  The BOLDERBoulder and FORTitude races culminate an attractive sports weekend in the state.  

Visit Fort Collins CEO Cynthia Eichler, and her counterpart in Boulder, Mary Ann Mahoney, will work with the Colorado Tourism office to provide information to regional residents about special activities on sports weekend. 

Bosley concluded, BOLDERBoulder and FORTitude will have a 2020 race. Their continuing contributions to Boulder and Fort Collins and the sport of running is intact. The tens of thousands of racers, runners, joggers and walkers in Colorado know America‘s best 10k races are here for them.