2018 runner-up and Fort Collins resident AnnMarie Kirkpatrick coming back to race for a first-place win.

FORT COLLINS, COLO. (August 27, 2019) – FORTitude 10K Northern Colorado’s premier road race, announced the professional American roster racing in the third USA Pro Race Chase. The unique USA Pro Race Chase, combines he men’s and women’s field into one race with everyone competing against each other. Each racer will have an individual start time based on his or her projected finish time, calculated by using their own recent performances and the ARRS database. The staggered start times statistically has everyone merging near the finish of the race. Which means everyone, even with different race times, will have an equal chance to win.

“What’s exciting is that we have many of the USA Pro Race Chase veterans returning to race this year, including AnnMarie Kirkpatrick, last year’s runner-up who finished a close second,” said Don Janicki FORTitude 10K pro athlete coordinator. “For those who ran last year, it will be interesting to see how they strategically adjust their race this year.”

The USA Pro Race Chase will be staged immediately after the FORTitude 10K, where those finishers become front row spectators as the Pro race is telecast into Colorado State University’s Canvas stadium. The professionals will race the same course, and cross the finish line at the stadium where thousands will be cheering their finish. The course was designed to produce fast times. It is nearly flat with a gradual, but noticeable downhill from mile 3 to the finish.

“I am excited to step on the line at FORTitude 10K to represent Fort Collins,” said Kirkpatrick. “Every step is a step of gratitude for being to complete and sharing a passion with thousands of other runners.”

Kirkpatrick finished second overall coming in just seconds behind WCAP runner George Kipligat. She had the fifth fastest women’s time with 35:12.9.

Also racing on the women’s team is University of Texas runner and Longmont resident Adrianna Nelson, 2018 FORTitude 10K runner Alisha Williams and Deana Andrey coached by Steve Jones.

2017 winner Ian Butler is also returning to claim the title.

Joining Butler are former BOLDERBoulder winner Brandon Johnson, commercial pilot and USAFA runner and graduate Ben Payne who finished 15th at the 2017 FORTitude and won the 2015 BOLDERBoulder; and Fort Collins resident and Canadian-born distance runner Grant Fischer.

Total prize money in 2019 is $23,375 and is awarded in three categories:

  • Overall order of finish, 1st through 25th place.
  • Men’s and women’s order to finish, 1st through 5th place, with separate male and female prize purses.
  • Men’s and women’s fastest times, 1st through 5th place, with separate male and female prize purses.

For example, overall first place wins $5,000 ($4,000 for a 1st place overall finish and $1,000 for a 1st place finish by gender). It would be possible to win $6,000 total if the runner also had the fastest time within his/her gender.

“This year the field is so competitive that we’ve been able to cut the launch window for all forty athletes to five minutes, last year it was seven minutes” said FORTitude10 race director Cliff Bosley. “This should be a very exciting race for our racers and spectators alike.”

The USA Pro Race Chase will take place at the FORTitude 10K on Monday, September 2nd at 10:07 a.m. For more information- http://fortitude10k.bolderboulder.com/usa-pro-chase-race/

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