Become a FORTitude Expo Exhibitor

RaceDayEXPO is the perfect place for your brand to access and interact with all our runners, walkers and spectators! Expo takes place on the main concourse inside CSU’s Canvas Stadium. Runners finish the race with a final lap inside the stadium and then have immediate access to Expo. We expect roughly 25,000 attendees on race day. For more information about FORTitude 10k, including demographic information, please click here.

All exhibitors will also receive two complimentary race entries and a coupon in the FORTitude 10k Interactive App virtual swag bag. Coupon artwork is due July 26th and specs can be found here.

Certain categories that conflict with race sponsors will not be allowed at the event. FORTitude 10k reserves the right to cancel booth space at any time up to 30 days before the event if there is a sponsor conflict. Booth sharing is not permitted and vendors do not receive category exclusivity.

Please note: tents are not allowed at Expo. Booth spaces are sheltered under stadium seating on the east and west concourses. For more information contact Frances Friedland at [email protected] or call 720-236-1966.

We will review and respond to all Expo applications beginning the week of July 8th. Register online or download a copy of the Expo form here.

Exhibitor Information and Guidelines

After the FORTitude team has received and approved your application for booth space, all exhibitors are required to complete the FORTitude Exhibitor Info Document found here by no later than Friday, August 16th. This information is required in order to participate. Please be as specific as possible about your space set up and quantities of items you will bring. All items entering the stadium need to be approved by CSU in advance.


  • LOAD-IN TIME: Sunday, September 1st from 4pm -7pm. Load-in will not be permitted on Monday September 2nd. All equipment must be loaded-in on Sunday by 7pm at the latest for the mandatory 7pm walk-through.
  • CHECK-IN LOCATION: Check in for vendors is on the southwest corner of the stadium off Lake Street. Please plan to check in with a volunteer at this location to obtain your credentials. They will then help direct you to your booth location on the concourse.
  • WALK THROUGH: Someone from your organization MUST be present for the mandatory walk through. The walkthrough will include members from Poudre Fire Authority, CSU Police and CSU stadium staff to ensure all booth areas are in compliance.
Insurance and Sales Tax Requirements

COI requirements can be found here. Insurance is required to attend Expo. All COIs are due by no later than Friday, August 16th.

If you wish to sell at Expo and do not currently carry a sales tax license from both the City of Fort Collins and the State of Colorado, you will need to apply for a temporary sales tax license. The total tax to collect is 7.55% (3.7% to the state and 3.85% to the city)

City form to be completed after the event.

Colorado application to be completed before the event.

Space Requirements
  • TENTS/BANNERS/SIGNAGE: Tents are not permitted at RaceDayEXPO*. Booth spaces are sheltered (under stadium seating on east and west concourse). CSU does not allow any banners or signage to be hung directly on the walls on the concourse. You are welcome to bring wind wings, or other hanging banners that have a built in display system (not displayed on walls). Depending on where you are located on the concourse, CSU has specific requirements about how tall your backdrop can be. Please let us know if you are planning to use a backdrop in your space and we can discuss these details with you directly in reference to where you are located on the concourse. Banners or signs can be displayed if hung from a table in your space.
    *If you are an official sponsor of the FORTItude 10k, you are permitted to bring a tent. All sponsor tents are located on the south concourse of the stadium. All exhibitor tents are on east and west concourses.”
  • ELECTRICITY: Power is available on the concourse. Please indicate if you will need access to power in the Expo info document.
  • PROHIBITED ITEMS: Please ready CSU’s clear bag policy and prohibited items list.
  • FOOD SAMPLING/HANDOUTS: Any freebies, handouts and food/beverage sampling must be pre-approved. Please provide detailed information in the Expo info document.
Race Day Information
  • ARRIVAL TIME: On the day of the event, you can arrive as early as 6am. Doors open to the public at 8am. All booths need to be ready at that time.
  • EVENT HOURS: RaceDayEXPO is open to the public from 8am – 11:30am on Monday, September 2nd.
  • WATER: If you are planning to bring a water bottle into the event, CSU requires it to be a crushable, 12 oz. empty bottle.
  • WEATHER: This is a rain or shine event.
  • LOAD-OUT: All exhibitors need to stay active and in their booths until the end of the event at 11:30am. Please have your booth and tent broken down and all items removed from the stadium by 4pm.