With great disappointment, we must tell you that the Labor Day 2020 BOLDERBoulder and FORTitude races are cancelled.

We will be back in 2021 – FORT YEAH!

View the video below, read the official statement.

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Then you have an automatic spot on the start line next year.

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In times like these, we look to the future.

The term hindsight is 2020 has never felt more literal. We want you all to know that while these times are strange and a little scary, the last thing we want is to leave people dispirited. So speaking with radical transparency, here is what’s next. We are not giving up on 2020 just yet.

Registration opens in December for both the 2021 BOLDERBoulder and FORTitude races.

There is more to come from us in 2020. So follow us on social and keep looking in your inboxes.

Making the best of 2020

Follow us on social and keep your eye out for upcoming challenges and virtual events. We have lots coming up to stay healthy and stay fit over the summer.

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FORTitude 2021. Fort Yeah!