Join us for the Grand Finale of the FORTitude 10K and cheer the professional runners starting at 10:15 am, and finishing in the stadium at 11:00 am.

The USA PRO CHASE is the Grand Finale
This is a professional race by invitation only for Americans, staged immediately after the FORTitude 10K has finished. The pros will race the same course everyone just ran, and cross the same finish line in the new Colorado State University Stadium where thousands will be cheering.

Dramatic Race Format
This race format is unique. The men’s and women’s races are combined with everyone competing against each other. Each racer gets an individual start time based on his or her projected finish time, calculated by an algorithm using previous finishes. The staggered start times will “statistically” have everyone merge near the end of the race. That means everyone, even with different race times, will have an equal chance to win.

Watch the Amazing Finish
A race where men and women compete against each other.
A race where each runner starts at a different time based on their projected finish time.
A race where runners move up on each other instead of moving away from each other.
A race where the crowds along the route cheer as runners catch each other and create a growing pack.
A race where excitement builds over the entire 10K, not just for a few moments with a few leaders at the finish.
A race where everyone merges near the end to create a dramatic finish where anyone can win.